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A Study on Cloud Computing and Data Protection in the Light of EU Law and Turkish Law
personal data, cloud computing, data protection, data controller, data processor

Cloud computing can be described as one of the most trending areas of information technology. It is an Internet-based practice which enables its users to extensively and remotely control and manage their system and reach their data from anywhere with an Internet connection without making major capital i...

Evaluation of Developments in ERP Software Area in terms of Turkish Competition Law
personal data, cloud computing, data protection, data controller, data processor

In terms of Competition Law, while making a market analysis for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software, it is essential to consider that ERP market is the major part of Enterprise Application Software (EAS) and it is not a stable working area. Computer Program/Software area has a very close interac...

The 40 Years Practise of Military High Administrative Courts or Should Military High Administrative Courts be immediately dismissed?
Military Jurisdiction

The need for military high administrative courts (MHAC) in a law state is not just a theoretical discussion. While one can argue, in light of the developed countries, that there would be no sense to create an... 

Privacy in the Virtual Environment
Rights and Freedoms, Personal Data, Trade Secrets

The interview with Haluk İnanıcı discusses privacy in the virtual environment. The interview refers that the balance between Rights and Freedoms and Privacy shows the level of democracy in a society and restrictions

Digital Rights and Publishing
Digital Rights Management, E-Book, Digital Licencing

The presentation is a part of an article which reviews “Digital Rights” and “Digital Rights Management” area and new types of rights and copyright actors. The presentation also addresses the phases of digital rights’


Some Conceptual Problems With Regards to Right of Dissemination in Copyright Law
Service Provider, Content Provider, Hosting Provider, Retransmission, Satellite Transmission, Right of Dissemination, Exhaustion of Rights

The studies for amendment of Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works in 2010 are criticized in this Article. The changes of the concepts which are included in the Draft such as (i) Service Provider (ii) Film Producer (iii) 

Judicial Reform Strategy Paper and Independence of Defence
Judicial Independence, Legal Ethics

In this article, the Judicial Reform Strategy Paper published by the government in the process of harmonization with the legislation of the European Union, is being discussed in terms of independence of...

Publishing area and Copyright Law under the Light of Technological Developments
Copyright Law, Publishing Law, Publishing Agreement

The Presentation is a part of an article focusing on the reflections of technological developments in publishing area and critic changes in copyright law with regards to European Union Directives. The Study aims to 

Attorneyship Law and an Ethical Evaluation
Attorneyship Law, Legal Ethics

In this article, existing Attorneyship Law is being subject to review, on the basis of distinction between moral rules, professional rules and the ethic...

Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods and the Improvement of the Legal Profession
Mediation, Code on Mediation

The article begins with the collapse of the classic judicial model and the collapse of Classic Attorneyship models and with the European Union Green Book detecting this collapse. Existence of similar problems in the...

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